UT Datum Design Studio


We are pleased to announce The University of Texas at Austin
Datum Engineers Design Studio.

This state-of-the-art computing facility teaches architectural engineering students the integration of architecture and engineering systems. The new space on the third floor of Ernest Cockrell Jr. Hall includes glass wall views into the seminar room and student spaces. The suite features a virtual design lab, studio space and collaboration center. This creates a vibrant learning community where students can study, collaborate, and engage with faculty and classmates.

Department Chair Richard Corsi summarizes what this gift means to the State of Texas and the importance of architectural engineering as a profession. "Americans spend 70 of their 79 years of average lifetime inside buildings," he said. "It is critical that building environments are safe from structural or enclosure failures and designed to promote human health, productivity, and learning. These conditions are the responsibilities of architectural engineers. This wonderful gift from Thomas and Dane Taylor will benefit and inspire countless generations of architectural engineering students who will continue to define where we live our lives. Their generosity will have immediate and long-lasting impacts that benefit CAEE students and those who occupy the buildings they design and build."