Fort Worth Museum


Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
Fort Worth, Texas
$65 M
166,000 Sq. Ft.

Design Architect: Legorreta + Legorreta
Architect of Record: Bennett Benner Partners

The new 166,000 SF museum has many exhibit spaces, classrooms and dining areas. Three unique structures are incorporated into the design. The new domed Noble Planetarium is a state of the art facility to view the stars. The Energy Gallery roof is a huge cantilever over a ribbon window that “appears” to be supported by glass. And, the main entrance is an 80 foot tower we call the “Urban Lantern”. This will be an icon for the complex. The top of the tower consists of a glowing glass box that can be seen for miles around. The Fort Worth Museum is a World Class Facility and will be a source of pride for the city, museum staff and the designers for years to come.

The new Fort Worth Museum of Science and History was featured as the cover story in Modern Steel Construction's October, 2010 issue.

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