Irving Convention Center


Irving Convention Center
Irving, Texas
Longspan and cantilever steel structure.
275,000 Sq. Ft.

Architect: RMJM Hillier

2012 AISC Ideas2 Awards
National Award Winner
Greater than $75 Million Category

2012 ACEC Texas Engineering Excellence Awards
Silver Medal Winner

2011 NCSEA Excellence in Structural Engineering Award

The structure is composed of structural steel trusses, girders, and columns with lightweight composite concrete floor slabs using both traditional steel framing and castellated beams. The perimeter framing is composed of full-height steel trusses conforming to the shape of the exterior architectural expression and extending two to three stories high from the bottom of the wall to the roof. Perimeter trusses cantilever as far as 120 feet, span as far as 200 feet. The trusses vary in height along their lengths, with depths as high as 65 feet.

The perimeter copper cladding is perforated and the configuration of the trusses are coordinated closely with the Architect to create the desired architectural expression. The perimeter trusses at the southeast corner of the upper volume are particularly visible through the copper cladding at night when the interior of the facility is lighted.

The ground floor exhibition space is a 190-foot by 240-foot column-free area. The two floors and main roof above this space are supported by 3 two-story tall catenary trusses and a single two-story arch that extend thru the third and fourth floors above. These trusses span approximately 190 feet over the exhibition space. The bottom chords of the trusses are exposed within the exhibition space and allow for 35 feet of clear headroom.


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