Dallas Police Memorial


Dallas Police Memorial
Dallas, Texas

2002 NCSEA Excellence in Structural Engineering Award of Merit

Design Architect: Edward Baum & John Maruszczak 

Architect of Record: Oglesby Greene

The successful completion of the Dallas Police Memorial required considerable structural engineering input to the architectural concept. Datum was moved by the architect’s concept of stenciling the badge numbers of fallen policemen into the ceiling canopy of the structure. Through these stenciled badge numbers, the sunlight silhouettes them on the asphalt pavement below. The badge numbers of these fallen policemen seem to come alive as the sun and clouds pass over.

The structure has a 40-foot cantilever and is supported by seven sloping steel columns that are located on one edge of the canopy. Datum felt strongly that the structural design had to produce a level straight line. The structural design had to overcome engineering design, fabrication, and erection tolerances. Post tensioning cable was installed inside the steel box girder. They allow tensioning of the box girder that would remove any deflection that may occur in the structure. A 3/4" deflection was pulled out of the end of the cantilever at the completion of the steel erection by tensioning the cables. The measurements of the canopy at the end of the project indicated a deviation from high to low in the entire canopy of 1/4".

Datum recommended the use of 7” solid stainless steel stock for the columns instead of attempting to wrap standard 7” solid stock with stainless steel sheet metal. This subtle detail made a significant impact on the quality of the finished structure.