David Lassetter

Senior Associate, Senior Structural Technician

David joined Datum in 1979 and is a Senior Associate. In his role as Production Manager, he collaborates with engineers and architects to produce and coordinate working drawings. He also performs field observations, and develops surveys and reports. David attended Texas State Technical Institute, where he earned his associate degree in architectural drafting and design. His project experience includes stadiums, higher education, K-12, residential, museums, commercial and health care. Notable projects include: Nasher Sculpture Center; the Margaret and Trammell Crow Museum; Rangers Ballpark; Chapel of St. Ignatius; and UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Charles Cameron Sprague Clinical Science Building.

Q & A

What is one of the most memorable challenges you faced on a project?

"Old Red Courthouse: A project I became very involved in. I got to know that Structure from Top to bottom. I have been in places in that old building where very few people will ever see. I was engaged with the project in a very positive way. I was allowed to have input on many issues and help with  “In the field” site problems. I built a very strong relationship with the City of Dallas and the Contractor on the project. I kind of took the restoration of “Old Red” to Heart.  It was a great feeling to see her restored back to her wonderful glory. I worked on that project during multiple phases for many years. Very proud of the outcome."

Why do you work at Datum?

"I enjoy working on the many different projects that I have been so blessed to be a part of because I know I am giving back to society in some small way. I am helping to make the big picture if you will."