All Saints Chapel


Dallas, Texas


Worship space with 500 seats

Design Architect

James Langford Architects

The Episcopal School of Dallas is a faith-centered, coeducational private day school for ages 3 through grade 12.  The mission of the school is to prepare young people having a variety of backgrounds, academic skills, aptitudes, and other attributes for college.

Their building program called for a religious space that would be designed for music with a three second reverberation time.  Due to the reverberation time and the 500 seats, the space needed to be at least 45 feet high.

This tilt-wall chapel allowed for a special ceiling treatment.  To stiffen and stabilize the interior panel, a new cable roof structure was designed.  The new system, based on theories of Buckminister Fuller and artist Kenneth Snelson, was called the tensegrity tie bars. These structures retained their shape while in tension which was supplied by the outward thrust of the roof structure.  




2003 TCA Achievement Awards