Archie Grigsby

Senior Associate, Structural Technician

Archie is an Associate at Datum and has more than a decade of experience as a Structural Technician. He joined our firm in 2005, soon after graduating from Texas State Technical College with an associate degree in drafting and design technology (architectural/civil specialization). Archie excels in building information modeling, particularly Revit modeling, and collaborates with project managers throughout the design process. He also documents information furnished by our design team. He has worked on a variety of project types, including museums, health care facilities, religious institutions and retail centers. 

Q & A

What inspires you about your work?

"The finished product. To see how it all comes together and to have incorporated our structural design into a project."

Why do you work at Datum?

"I work at Datum for the history and the challenges that projects present to us. To be able work for a firm with such a rich history in structural design here in Texas is an honor."

What makes you interesting? 

"My character, I love to make people laugh, laughter brings a little bit of ease to everything, even when your pushing out deadlines and challenge by problem that is difficult to figure out. To pull a person away for that split second can help them look for the solution at a different angle."

What motivates you?

"My family, and innovation. It pushes me not to settle but to always learn new and creative ways to produce a better quality production."