The Datum Difference

Technical Training

Datum has an 80-year history providing engineering services for a large variety of projects types. You will learn to design different types of buildings that require diverse structural systems (steel, concrete, post tensioned, wood, masonry). As a Datum engineer, you will be involved in the design—from concept through construction. In every project you will get exposure to:

  • General Framing Layout
  • Bay optimization Studies
  • Foundation Design
  • Gravity Design
  • Lateral Design
  • Connection Designs
  • Detailing
  • Redlining and Drafting
  • Design Team Coordination
  • Submittal Review
  • RFI Review

You will also use software tools such as: 3D FEA structural analysis and design programs, internally developed structural analysis and design programs, BIM modeling and document management software.


When you join the Datum team, you will be given a mentor to provide you with technical and administrative assistance. Your integration into the Datum culture will be faster and easier through your relationship with your mentor. Your mentor will provide you with the following assistance: schedule monthly check-in meetings; involve you in office design charettes, help you define career path options and give you guidance and insight as you build your future with Datum.

Professional Development

Lifelong learning is part of our culture at Datum. Engineering grads pursue their PE license. We also encourage involvement in professional organizations and participation in educational conferences and meetings. Every month we also provide lunch-n-learn sessions that offer ongoing learning opportunities and presentations led by associations, vendors and staff.

Datum Culture

We have a very strong and unique corporate culture, resting on the foundation of our credo: The Art of Structural Engineering. We believe that structural engineering is an art form that, when married to architecture, can have significant visual and functional value. Working at Datum means you are part of a team that designs some of the most beautifully and functionally engineered structures in America. Datum employees know they are a part of something greater than themselves; and they know they contribute to the art of the industry and the integrity of structural design.

We also actively pursue opportunities to enrich the lives, livelihoods and creativity of our team members. For example, your ideas and thoughts are respected and heard through peer reviews, design charettes, and Shark Tank-type meetings.  Our open-door policy enables you to share design concepts or gain new knowledge from engineers at all levels of experience and expertise. Here, you learn from the experts; but your unique design perspectives and innovative ideas are encouraged and nurtured.

We have many employees who have been with the company for 20+ years and who now have an ownership stake in the company. There’s a reason for that. The creativity of the work and the quality of the work environment make Datum a place to live out your professional goals.

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