The Art of Structural Engineering

Throughout most of history, architectural design and structural engineering have been the domain of the master builder; it was only in the 20th century that these split into independent disciplines.

At Datum, we seek to restore that close bond between architecture and structure, between form and function, between skin and bones—We strive for that synergy that formerly reigned under the master builder’s guidance.

Just as the architectural design evolves from the context of the site, so must the structure respond to the vision and values embodied in that design.

Dallas Police Memorial

Our Approach

We Embrace a Passion for Architecture

We strive to be students of architecture so that we fully understand our clients’ goals and deliver a structure that works in harmony with the architectural design.


UT Engineering Education and Research Center

We Believe in Pondering the “What-if’s”

We find solutions to complex challenges and are eager to explore ideas and propose structural concepts with the goal of creating great design.



UT Dallas Visitor Center and Bookstore

We Know that There is no Technological Substitute for Sound Engineering Judgment

We respect and use all available technology tools, but we don’t let the tools “think” for us. We don’t give you a solution built into a computer program. We “out-smart” the technology with thought-filled and informed solutions.

All Saints Chapel - Episcopal School of Dallas

We Pledge Total Fiscal Responsibility

Selecting an efficient structural system and designing responsibly protects our clients’ budgets. Through careful design we often save money for our clients, freeing up funds for both owners and end users.



Thanks-Giving Square

We Serve

We promise every client that we at Datum will deliver superior, attentive service from conceptual design through project close-out and beyond.




St. Augustine Park Pavillion