Dempsey Grosenbacher

Associate, Structural Technician

Dempsey joined Datum in 2019 as an experienced structural revit technician in the San Antonio office. He brings a wealth of experience for that office. Dempsey is a perfectionist and is always on the lookout for improvements. While at Datum, he has worked on many high-profile projects including, the Alamo Collections Building, Walker Ranch Phases I & II, and Wursthalle and Marktplatz Reconstruction, as well as historical buildings like the Alamo, and the Continental Building to name a few.

Dempsey earned his Associate’s Degree in Applied Drafting and Design technology from Texas State Technical Institute in Waco, Texas.

Q & A

What inspires you about your work?

I enjoy when constructing the 3d model in BIM, and seeing / resolving problems before they go out to the Client/Contractor.

Why do you work at Datum?

I enjoy working at Datum because of the Quality of Professional People I work with, the Quality of Work done by the engineering staff, as well as the problem solving solutions provided to clients and contracts on projects.