Jeff Courtney, PE

Associate, Project Engineer

Jeff joined Datum in 2007.  His project experience includes K-12, commercial, mixed-use, institutional, and cultural buildings. His career highlights include large projects such as the Diamond Building at Mueller, and the renovation and expansion of McNeil High School for Round Rock ISD.

Jeff earned a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from The University of Texas in Austin.

Q & A

What inspires you about your work?

"I find it particularly enjoyable to work on unique and interesting projects. I'm inspired by architectural design and I consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to help our clients realize their visions."

What is one of the most memorable challenges you faced on a project?

"The Mueller Diamond Building (so named due to the fact that the building's plan shape resembles a diamond solitaire) is a building that does not have a single right angle. The irregular column grid created a host of challenges in design and construction. In particular, the lateral design of such an irregularly shaped building was an extremely interesting task. Despite its complexity, due to outstanding planning and coordination efforts among all members of the design team as well as the contractor, the project was a resounding success. It's a building I enjoy showing off to friends and family whenever I have the chance."

Why do you work at Datum?

"Datum is a great firm built on the work and experience of industry leaders in the field of structural engineering. As a result, we have the opportunity to work on many projects of profound architectural and cultural significance. Behind the scenes, Datum is a family of committed and hard-working individuals dedicated to each other as well as to the success of each and every project."

What makes you interesting?

"I've recently discovered the game of bocce and I think I may have missed my calling. Outside of the office, playing bocce with a group of friends is often the highlight of my week. I'm an avid fan of live music. If you're out at a show, you just might see me there."