Sundance Square


Fort Worth, Texas


311,776 sq. ft.

Design Architect

David M. Schwarz Architects

Architect of Record

Bennett Benner Partners

Sundance Square: From Parking Lot to Live-Work-Play Mecca

Fort Worth, Texas is known for Sundance Square, a space that was only fully completed in 2013. The square includes the 55,000-square foot plaza and three buildings:

  • Cassidy Building, 6 floors, 99,000 sq. ft, 12,196 sq. ft. of Retail Space,12,187 sq. ft. of Residential 
  • Westbrook Building, 6 stories, 93,000 sq. ft., 12,393 sq. ft. of Retail Space
  • Commerce Building 5 stories, 83,000 sq. ft. 

All of the buildings were designed by David M. Schwarz Architects which required considerable contribution to creating slab edges that could be coordinated with the exterior facade design.

Design and detailing of the plaza and canopies required considerable structural contribution.