AT&T PAC Box Office Pavilion


Dallas, Texas


2,700 sq. ft.

Design Architect

Foster & Partners

Architect of Record


The AT&T Performing Arts Center Box Office Pavilion is a beautiful glass building designed by Foster+Partners, located in the common area between the Meyerson Symphony Center and the Windspear AT&T Performing Arts Center in the Dallas Arts District. Datum worked closely with Foster+Partners to create something very special.


The AT&T Box Office appears to be a simple building. However, this structure was built on the underground Red Garage and cantilevers over the expansion joint separating the Meyerson underground garage below.

The grade beams cantilevering over the expansion joint were post-tensioned to create the underground cantilever which was needed to mitigate the dead load deflections.

The mullions were designed to act as columns, supporting the roof, creating an open column-less space. The mullions and exposed roof beams were solid steel plates to create square corners instead of rounded corners found on hollow steel tubes. The roof design was conceived to allow the structural steel to be installed in prefabricated panels that reduced cost and time.