Patton Hall Liberal Arts Building


Austin, Texas


213,000 sq. ft.

Design Architect


At the University of Texas at Austin, their College of Liberal Arts and its 14,000 students were scattered across the campus. As such, it lacked a cohesive identity as well as a place to gather for interdisciplinary collaboration. A new building was vital to the college's continued success and reputation.

The owner asked that the building be delivered cost-effectively, but without compromising quality. To accomplish this, the design team collaborated across disciplines to optimize the efficiency of all systems, including the structural system. This resulted in a concrete structure that minimized columns and drilled piers, maximized spans, and facilitated long-term program flexibility. It also allowed us to expose the structure in critical, iconic areas such as the open fire stairs. It was completed a semester ahead of schedule and 13 percent below budget.

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Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Honors Award, Excellence in Design

Certified LEED Gold